perjantai 5. heinäkuuta 2013

flag tango

When I came to, someone kuikin a man's age and I retired, so my son wilosofian Master raised the flag on Flag Patriotic Pieno tango music in which conjured vlyy gel familiar Sipeliuksen mansion near the country just bought, the art market bonsoroinut those rogue colf Club.

The boys had organized a welcome surprise to me when I open the mire of the wood box containing a bottle of sambanja greatest Satan in the size of the glasses with a red gristalli blyy shit in public.
Night at bedtime I watched during the day taken mechanisms big body axis images ihponi my evening and I noticed that the glass had become a wall hanging is even if it was from the beginning an extract from the protective casing and the glass to the abdomen.
I'm not a threat to the egg and married to a woman with whom were the children who are successful, and a friend of Mr. piiriini with many men who have an old bag body position means the nose.

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